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This web platform (hereafter "Site") is owned by LDC Gems Srl (hereafter "C-Joys"), and legally represented by Dario Lo Dico, with headquarters in Palermo, Via Cavour 59, 90133, P. IVA 05575820823 and registered in the companies official register of the Chamber of Commerce of Palermo with the number PA-263 687 on 13/02/2007. C-Joys retains the right to change and update C-Joys Site “Terms of Use” at any time. C-Joys users are recommended to check the Terms of Use section for any update. The user must acknowledges that each time that he/ she enters our C-Joys website he/she is informed of any update as to the Terms of Use of our C-Joys website. We do not recommend to the user to continue browsing our C-Joys site if he/she is not willing to acknowledge and to agree to the Terms of Use stated in our C-Joys site.



C-JOYS created this site for personal information of users and for online sale.
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All use of the C-Joys Site is the sole responsibility of the user. CJoys is not responsible of any technical malfunctioning nor any damage resulting from the use of the C-Joys site, as well as any content inaccuracies that maybe published on the C- Joys site. If the user has any question, he/she should contact in writing our technical support at: support@c-joys.com



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C-Joys reserve the right to modify or suspend the C-Joys Site at any time with or without notice and without any liability. C-Joys reserves the right to deny access to those users who are breaching the Terms of Use featured on the C-Joys site. Any content published on the C-Joys Site, unless otherwise specified, is intended to present and promote products for sale and C-Joys services. Any legal actions undertaken by the User relating to the C-Joys Site must be commenced within and not past two years after the occurrence of such cause of legal action. Any legal dispute at any level between the host/user customer and C-Joys can be only executed by the legal Forum of the City of Palermo.