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Payment by credit card

Payment can be made by selecting the credit card of your choice indicated in C-Joys payment page and following the instructions featured on the C-Joys Site. The payment process by credit card is provided by Banca Sella. In case of refusal to give authorization, the user should resolve the problem with the Bank that issued his/her credit card. Once the payment has been successful, the user will receive confirmation by C-Joys. The order will be fulfilled and shipped to the address indicated by the user/customer. The customer/user consents C-Joys to conduct all necessary preauthorization
operations of the credit card used for the purchase –in order to make secure transactions and to prevent fraud – and the user authorizes as well C-Joys to transmit and /or request the user/customer information provided, to third parties that are specifically designated to proceed with the sales transaction authorization in order to complete such purchase.



C-Joys protect the user’s personal information during the entire sales process and adopts all necessary precautions to safeguard such personal information. The encryption system Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is activated on our C-Joys site and it covers all Internet pages of the C-Joys sites where personal user information is required. Notwithstanding all precautions taken in the C-Joys site, C-Joys cannot guarantee total security. Henceforth C-Joys cannot be considered liable for damages or data loss that may be caused by the unlawful entry by third parties online, such as computer



During the process of the user/customer order - or subsequently, by making a specific request to shop@c-joys.com - the user/ customer may request C-Joys to issue the invoice reflecting the purchase and sent to the billing address provided by the user/customer.