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C-Joys accept to deliver orders both at residential or business addresses. C-Joys will not deliver orders to Post Office boxes or Hotels.

CJoys shipping fees are free of charge within the European Countries and the estimated delivery time for the order are indicated on the CJoys  site and can be viewed before placing your order.

Such delivery time is summarized in the order notice receipt that it is issued when the order is completed by the user/consumer. When the order is reviewed and approved by C-Joys, the order confirmation is sent via e-mail to the customer. At the same time CJoys proceeds with the fulfillment of the order.

Each package delivered by C-Joys will contain:

 - the C-Joys purchased item (diamond and / or diamond jewelry);
 - the C- Joys certification or HRD certification, if specifically requested and purchased by the customer;
 - an envelope and a box with C-Joys logo.

The order is under C-Joys responsibility until the package was delivered. Any damage or loss incurred after the delivery it will be the sole customer’s responsibility.