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The user residing in a European Union State Member has the right to excise the cancelation of his/her order, within thirty (30) days, following the day on which the item has been received by the customer, or whoever else has received it. To exercise this right, the user/retailer customer can contact C-Joys Support at the email address support@c-joys.com communicating the intention to return the item purchased. In this case the customer should
return the item purchased within fourteen (14) days from the official communication date to C-Joys of returning the item.
After C-Joys has received the item back by the customer, and after C-Joys has completed all the necessary inspection procedures of the returned item and verified the authenticity and the integrity of the item, CJoys will then reimburse the amount paid by the customer including standard delivery costs, within thirty (30) days from the date of the notification withdrawal from the contract.
Should the returned item purchased at C-Joys be altered or damaged, henceforth causing depreciation of its original value, C-Joys will deduct the costs of repair or replacement of such item from the reimbursement for the full amount paid by the customer. Unless stated differently, our standard refund policy is implemented through the same method. In the eventuality of C-Joys returned items, purchased with a warranty seal (eg. Diamond Certified in blister) the item returned to C-Joyswithout seal will not be refunded.
For additional information on how to proceed or in order to discuss alternative solutions as to return policy, the customer can contact C-Joys at: support@c-joys.com

Return Policy

If the status of the C-Joys item returned by the customer does not meet the quality control requirements made by C-Joys, or in the case of any violation of C-Joys Sale Terms policy, C-Joys will ship back the returned item purchased at C-Joys to the customer who purchased it, at C-Joys expenses.

Return Policy

The decision to exercise the right of return the item purchased at C-Joys must be communicated to CJoys Support service, within the provided terms of thirty (30) days as above mentioned.
In this case, the customer will receive by email the C-Joys specific return form already compiled by C-Joys and will able to make the return shipment of the item purchased on the C-Joys website at:

C-Joys – Ldc Gems Srl
Via Cavour 59,Palermo 90133.

As soon as the customer will receive the C-Joys return registration via email, the customer will print it out, sign it and hand it over to the C-Joys designated carrier, at pick up time agreed with said carrier. The return package must be safely sealed. The CJoys customer will scotch tape on such package the prepaid pick up label issued by C-Joys. The package returned to C-Joys must contain the original box and the envelope with C-Joys logo, as well as the jewel or diamond the customer purchased at C-Joys along with the certifications of authenticity requested by the customer, either the C-Joys certification or the H.R.D. certification. The return package should also contain any C-Joys accessories and all the original materials used to protect the jewel or diamond intact and their labels sealed on the item purchased as received. At this point in time the customer may contact C-Joys support in writing to support@c-joys.com to organize the package pick up with our partner UPS for shipments outside the Italian territory and GLS carrier for shipments within Italy. It is the responsibility of the sender to keep proof of shipment of the returned product.

Terms and Conditions for a C-Joys product return

The C-Joys purchased items must be returned within fourteen (14) days from the official communication to return the item to C-Joys and must be in their original pristine conditions, without having been used by the customer, or by any the recipient of such gift. If the returned item meets the quality control of C-Joys, according to the criteria given above, C-Joys will then proceed with the reimbursement to the customer for such purchase. On the other hand, if the item purchased by the customer at C-Joys site, once delivered to destination doesn’t match the same characteristics shown in the C-Joys website, C-Joys will reimburse the customer in full and accordingly to terms of C-Joys Return Policy.

Accuracy site data

C-Joys take extreme care to ensure that all information posted on the C-Joys site (photographs, various descriptions and information) is accurate and updated. However, despite all efforts C-Joys cannot guarantee absolute accuracy on the published information and materials.