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In caste C-Joys will change or updates C-Joys Privacy Policy, the registered customer at the time of the purchase will be notified by email or through an announcement published on the C-Joys site. The user, who does not approve any such C-Joys Privacy Policy modifications, is recommended to stop using the C-Joys platform. C-Joys is a trademark created by Ldc Gems Srl for the distribution of certified diamonds and jewelry through the different channels of the "web", as well as through our specific platform of our C-Joys ecommerce site. Should the user have any questions pertaining to
C-Joys "privacy policy", the user may contact C-Joys at  info@c-joys.com
There are some specific areas of the C-Joys where access to the site is possible only through previous registration. Therefore the user is asked to provide his/her personal data, including billing data, payment and shipping details. The user that is filling out the required information in the specific fields of the C-Joys site is enabling C-Joys to provide him/her the appropriate services. It is possible that the user’s information in the C-Joys site
such as user registration data, or any other information collected from the user correspondence with C-Joys, as well as information collect from the user visiting our site (such as IP addresses, systems operating information, connection time, browser type, cookies and similar technologies) will be used by C-Joys for marketing and communication purposes and eventually to suspend suspicious activities.


Cookies are small text files downloaded into individual laptop or mobile device when they visit a website or application. Cookies during the user session in the C-Joyce site can be can be property of C-Joys and of a third party, and may be either temporary and deleted upon the closing of the browser or they may remain "Permanent". In any which case, the cookies allow certain operations such as to securing the areas of connection and transaction pages, recognizing the devices used for by the user log in and for the purpose of making the use of the platform more efficient as well as to provide information. Such information is collected globally but do not identify any particular individual user.
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C-Joys safeguards and keeps our users personal information confidential. C-Joys is not selling such data to mailing lists, is not sharing such users information with individuals or foreign companies unless it is instrumental for our sales services. C- Joys users information is safe when C-Joys shares it with those companies that are our selected service providers, is safe with our C-Joys employees who have an appropriate reason to review and
verify such personal information; C-Joys may disclose any user personal information with legitimate authorities in compliance with the Italian law in order to protect C-Joys rights or third parties rights; C-Joys may also disclose the user personal information to third parties that will acquire, whether fully or in part, C-Joys business and C-Joys properties. The user information that C-Joys collects will always be safely stored within C-Joys files and in absolute compliance with C-Joys Privacy Policy, regardless of the territory in which such information may be transferred or regardless the
sharing of information with C-Joys affiliates or by third parties appointed by C-Joys and operating on our behalf. The user will retain the right, where applicable, to modify, update or delete his own personal information either directly from our Website, or making an specific request to C-Joys by e-mail. The user also retains the right to ask C-Joys not to receive marketing communications, with the exception, of course, of those business C-Joys communication pertaining to the status of their orders / or services that the customer requested to C-Joys.
The user may exercise these rights writing directly to C-Joys at:  info@c-joys.com