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Logo HRD

Hoge Raad voor Diamant

The Antwerp HRD certification is the reference mark in Europe to certify the authenticity of a diamond. Customers buy diamond jewelry in peace and confidence.

HRD certifies C-Joys jewels and diamonds.

Logo GIA

Gemological Institute of America

Public Nonprofit Institute, GIA is the most authoritative source of information and reference point for standards, information and education in the world of precious stones.

GIA  Certifies C-Joys diamonds.

Logo IGI

International Gemological Institute

An IGI certificate provides clarity and simplicity with the details and features of a gemstone. A guarantee of transparency and security in purchasing both for the buyer and for the reseller.

IGI Certifies C-Joys diamonds.

Logo GIA

C-JOYS – Certified Jewel

C-Joys certification is a further guarantee of the authenticity of your jewel. Our goldsmith craftsmen exalt the beauty of precious stones, creating timeless objects.

C-JOYS is your certified jewel.