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C-Joys offer its customers a complete Q.P.S. warranty: Excellent

Quality, competitive Price and Satisfaction guaranteed.



C-Joys (certified joys, certified gemstones) produce and distribute certified diamonds and jewelry.
The quality and the authenticity of the gemstones are certified both by C- Joys and the H.R.D.,
the International organization for diamonds and gemstones certification.



In the gemstone business, and especially with diamonds, a valid certification is of the essence. Unfortunately, some certifications of authenticity are released by gemstone organizations that are not officially recognized and this is to the great disadvantage of customers. On the contrary, C-Joys are proud of working with internationally recognized gemstones organizations and use the best possible diamond craftsmanship.

We at C-Joys care, that each diamond is crafted with a state of the art cut in order to enhance the brightness and the beauty of each gemstone. C-Joys strive for excellence and want to be synonymous for reliability and respect. We aim to establish a long lasting customer loyalty and a solid reputation.


Unlike many manufacturers and dealers in the gemstone business, C-Joys (certified joys) is able to offer to its customers verified certifications of authenticity for each diamond and jewelry purchased. The certifications of our diamonds are issued by the H.R.D. Certificate Department, one of the three most reliable gemological organizations in the world. There are only three International organizations that are officially allowed to issue a valid certification in the gemstones and diamond marketplace: the H.R.D. (Diamond High Council), the I.G.I. (International Gemological Institute of Antwerp) and G.I.A. (Gemological Institute of America).
For our C-Joys jewelry we offer to our customers either a C-Joys certification or the H.R.D. certification. For our diamonds we offer the H.R.D., I.G.I or the G.I.A. certification.



The diamond is the King of all precious gemstones. A diamond it is a timeless icon of unparalleled beauty. C-Joys skillfully capture and enhance the unique and fascinating shapes of each gemstone. Thanks to our entrenched expertise, we ensure to our customers the highest standard of quality.



Each C-JOYS diamond is presented and proposed in the main stream cuts and accordingly with the most experienced craftsmanship. Our diamonds can be appreciated in the traditional and exacting diamond cut as well as other more elaborate cuts such as a Droplet cut, the Emerald cut, the Carree’ cut, the Oval cut, the Navette cut, the Princess cut, the Heart cut, the Baguette cut and the Tepper cut.



C-Joys offer you an exceptional quality of jewelry and the most competitive prices in the business.
In case our customers should find someplace else a jewelry piece of the same quality and the same characteristics of the one purchased at C-Joys, to a lower price, C-Joys will reimburse our customers for the price difference, providing that the customer will present to C-Joys a certification of authenticity issued by a legitimate gemological organization that certifies equivalent quality standards for this piece of jewelry.



satisfied or refunded customer

Our policy is that our customers are refunded if they are not entirely satisfied with their purchase at C-Joys. C-Joys cares that every jewelry item carried out is produced according to the highest standards and guarantees quality diamonds and jewelry certificates of authenticity issued by relevant international organizations. We at C-Joys look forward to the maximum satisfaction of our customers.
In the eventuality that the jewelry or diamond purchased at C-Joys does not match the customer expectations, we will take the item
purchased back and we will reimburse the customer within thirty days.